Memorial in the News

KOAA: Communication easier for deaf patients (4.24.13)

KOAA: Maintaining healthy diet is easier than you think (4.23.13)

KRDO: Dangerous consequences from ‘cinnamon challenge’ (4.22.13)

KRDO: The “new” inside Memorial Hospital, University of Colorado Health (4.17.13)

Gazette: Penrose-St. Francis campuses switch to armed guards (4.12.13)

KOAA: President Obama propses 94-cent cigarette tax hike (4.11.13)

Gazette: City to pay $9.2 million to settle three unrelated lawsuits (4.10.13)

CSBJ: $545,000 grant is largest in hospice’s history (4.4.13)

KOAA: Concern over food dyes in Kraft’s Mac & Cheese (4.2.13)

CSBJ: Hospitals brace for sequestration-related cuts (4.2.13)

Gazette: Live Well -LifeSpark offers hands-on care to local cancer patients (4.2.13)

CSBJ: People on the Move (3.29.13) Sky Sox announces Waldo Canyon Classic (3.26.13)

KOAA: Sky Sox announces Waldo Canyon Classic (3.26.13)

Gazette: Buzzed (3-26-13) print only

Fox21: No more smoking inside Security Service Field (3.22.13)

CSBJ: Memorial becomes official hospital for Springs Sky Sox (3.22.13) Colorado Springs Sky Sox and Memorial Hospital form new team (3-21-13)

CSIndy: Memorial pension recipients revealed (3-20-13)

CSIndy: Secret pensions at Memorial Health System? (3-20-13) University of Colorado Hospital joins CORHIO Health Information Exchange (3-19-13)

Becker’s Hospital Review: Retirees of Colorado’s Memorial Hospital stop receiving pension pay (3-19-13)

Gazette: Memorial Hospital retirees in pension fight (3-18-13)

Pueblo Chieftain: Medical office builder upbeat (3-15-13)

COS Business Journal: Memorial’s new doctors named on list among the best in America (3-14-13)

KOAA: Shorter ER wait times at Colorado’s busiest hospital (3-14-13)

KRDO: Memorial Hospital cuts down on emergency room wait times (3-14-13)

FOX21: Faster service at Memorial Hospital (3-14-13)

Gazette: Memorial finds cure for long wait in ER (3-14-13)

Gazette: Denver developer expanding Springs presence (3-14-13) Colorado Springs tackles recreational pot issues (3-13-13)

Inside Fidelity: Colorado Springs refunding $10m of utility bonds; may sell electric system (3-13-13)

KCTV5: Memorial Health System selects UHC and Novation for supply chain services (3-12-13)

KRDO: Child safety seats: Avoid mistakes (3-5-13)

KOAA: Livin’ with it part 3: Local resources for cancer diagnosis (3-1-13)

CSBJ: UCH invests in Memorial, plans to grow south (2-28-13)

KOAA: Know the symptoms of a heart attack (2-22-13)

Gazette: Memorial lease agreement has been good medicine (2-21-13)

Gazette: Gallbladder aids in fat digestion (2-19-13)

Gazette: Surgical robot helps speed-up recovery (2-19-13)

KOAA: Surgical robot promises less scarring and minimal pain (2-19-13)

KOAA: How to get a heart healthy diet (2-13-13)

FOX21: Valentine’s boxes for Children’s Hospital (2-13-13)

Gazette: University of Colorado Health ponders creating its own HMO (2-5-13)

KOAA: Heart Check (2-4-13)

CSBJ: Pikes Peak Hospice to open unit at Memorial (2-1-13)

The Coloradoan: UCHealth gaining ground one year after merger (1-31-13)

CSIndy: Shaky foundation -Lawsuits threaten Memorial’s money (1-30-13)

CSBJ: Memorial hires two prominent surgeons (1-29-13)

Gazette: Officials warn parents about sleeping with babies (1.28.13)

CSIndy: City, PERA gets court date (1-23-13)

Life After Fifty: Memorial CEO looks forward to continued improvements, tech upgrades in 2013 (1-9-13)

Gazette: City gets hospital lease income, not a board seat (1-6-13)

KKTV: All set for UCCS Downtown Classic (1-3-13)

KOAA: Ivinson hospital in Wyoming now UCHealth affiliate (1-2-13)

KRDO: First New Year’s baby born in Colorado Springs (1-1-13)

Denver Business Journal: UC Health takes over Laramie hospital (1-1-13)

Greeley Tribune: Hospitals to workers; Get flu sot or get fired (12-29-12)

CSBJ: Memorial’s new regime invests in hospital’s future (12-13-12)

Hispanic Memorial Hospital Doctors’ Network jumps 40 percent (12-6-12) 

KOAA: New additions for Memorial Hospital (12-5-12)

FOX21: Memorial Hospital hires new staff, expands technology (12-5-12)

CSBJ: Under new management, Memorial hires 90 (12-5-12)

Gazette: Memorial Hospital doctors’ network jumps 40 percent (12-5-12)

CSIndy: Heart docs join Memorial (12-5-12)

Gazette: Memorial gets ‘C’ in safety rankings; 2 Penrose hospitals get ‘B’ (11-29-12)

KUNC Safety Grades Rise for Colorado Hospitals: One-third Garner ‘A’s; None Fail (11-28-12)

KOAA: ER Epidemic (11-14-12)

KOAA: Memorial gets stroke certification (11-12-12)

KRDO: Memorial Hospital reports missing papers with patient names (11-7-12)

KOAA: Patient information missing from Memorial Hospital (11-6-12)

Gazette: Memorial reports loss of lab records for 6400 patients (11-6-12)

Gazette: Printers Park building owner awaiting water test results (10-31-12)

Gazette: Building’s water problems sickens 17 Memorial employees (10-29-12)

CSIndy: Calling the shots (10-17-12)

CSIndy: Vote for Memorial, help it win $10,000 (10-16-12)

Gazette: Memorial taking support for breastfeeding to a new level (10-13-12)

Allograft Possibilities: Congrats to Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs (10-3-12)

7NEWS Denver: UCHealth operates Colorado Springs’ Memorial Hospital under 40-year, $1.8 billion lease (10-2-12)

Gazette: Memorial transition official; PERA still a problem (10-2-12)

Denver Business Journal: UCHealth completes takeover of Colorado Springs’ Memorial Health System (10-1-12)

Fox21: It’s Official-Memorial now part of University of Colorado Health (10-1-12)

CSBJ: UCH now officially in charge at Memorial (10-1-12)

KRDO: Memorial Hospital lease in effect (10-1-12)

KOAA: A seamless transfer for Memorial Hospital (10-1-12)

Gazette: Voter approved changes take hold at Memorial (9-30-12)

CSBJ: UCH makes right move with Memorial (9-28-12)

CSBJ: Scialdone’s steadiness leads to CEO position (9-28-12)

CSBJ: UCH lese brings early rewards, thanks to stability (9-28-12)

CSIndy: Scialdone sticks around at Memorial (9-26-12)

CSBJ: Memorial recognized for organ-donation efforts (9-17-12)

CSBJ: City, PERA reach agreement that allows Memorial transfer to continue (9-7-12)

CSBJ: PERA suit claims city owes $220 million for Memorial (9-7-12)

CSBJ: PERA files suit against city, UCH in retirement benefits battle (9-4-12)

CSBJ: Memorial lease battle ends, legal fight looms (8-30-12)

Denver Business Journal: Memorial Health System will treat future Olympians (6-27-12)

CSBJ: Council to get Memorial foundation details at Monday’s informal meeting (6-20-12)

Gazette: Olympic athletes win big via new Memorial-USOC agreement (6-20-12)

CSBJ: Memorial adds up to high-stakes deal for UCH (6-15-12)

Gazette: Hearing on Memorial lease draws praise and criticism (6-12-12)

KKTV: Public hearing on proposed Memorial lease (6-12-12)

Gazette: Council praises deal to lease Memorial (6-11-12)

CSBJ: City releases details of proposed Memorial Health System lease (6-8-12) 

Gazette: Bach raises legitimate concern (6-8-12)

Gazette: Details of Memorial lease coming Friday (6-7-12)

Independent: Memorial lease available Friday (6-6-12)

CSBJ: City can’t lose focus with Memorial (6-1-12)

Gazette: Mysteries surrounding massive severance could endure (5-26-12)

Gazette: Blame City Council for McEvoy million (5-26-12)

Gazette: Memorial board names new officers (5-23-12)

KOAA.COM: “Repulsed” City Council gives up fight against ex-Memorial CEO’s golden parachute (5-23-12)

Indy: Council backs down; McEvoy gets $1.15 million (5-21-12)

CSBJ: Memorial lease to be unveiled June 11, Veitch steps down (5-21-12)

CSBJ: McEvoy to keep $1.15 million severance package(5-21-12)

Gazette: Council quits fight, Memorial boss gets $1.15 million severance (5-21-12)

Gazette: No golden parachutes for Memorial brass(5-19-12)

Gazette: Memorial board chair inked $1.15M severance before ouster (5-18-12)

Gazette: Board chair raced to close McMillion (poll) (5-18-12)

CSBJ: Council delays Memorial CEO severance decision (5-16-12)

Indy: If you had $74 million . . .(5-16-12)

Gazette: City Council will review Memorial CEO package in closed session (5-15-12)

Indy: Memorial scraps high-ranking position (5-15-12)

CSBJ: Second executive to leave Memorial Health System (5-15-12)

Gazette: AFP continues fight against McEvoy’s McMillion (5-14-12)

CSBJ: Council schedules meeting about Memorial ballot question(5-11-12)

Gazette: City Council eyes Aug. 28 for special election on Memorial (5-10-12)

KRDO: Cases of Drug-Addicted Babies on the Rise (5-10-12)

CSBJ: AFP unveils complaint letter from Memorial doctors (5-7-12)

CSBJ: Council selects new Memorial board (5-4-12)

KRDO: New Memorial board of trustees selected (5-4-12)

CSBJ: Memorial – Financial fallout following? (5-4-12)

Gazette: Council names new Memorial board (5-4-12)

Gazette: Memorial’s McMillion (5-4-12)

CSBJ: Most of the Memorial board refuses to resign (5-2-12)

Gazette: Memorial trustee resigns over severance foallout (5-2-12)

KKTV: Council removes Memorial Trustees who didn’t resign (5-2-12)

Indy: Memorial’s case mismanagement (5-2-12)

Indy: Memorial board affirms McEvoy severance, heads for showdown with city council (5-1-12)

CSBJ: Council asks board to resign, McEvoy’s settlement faces ‘legal review’ (5-1-12)

CSBJ: City council to discuss Memorial board, severance (5-1-12)

KRDO: Memorial board won’t budge on CEO’s $1 million severance (4-30-12)

Gazette: Memorial CEO defends pay package (4-30-12)

CSBJ: McEvoy ‘surprised’ by Council outcry over severance (4-30-12)

CSBJ: McEvoy’s $1.15 million severance below industry average (4-30-12)

Gazette: Memorial board holding special meeting Monday to discuss CEO’s severance (4-30-12)

Gazette: Memorial employess feel betrayed by McEvoy (4-30-12)

CSBJ: Memorial board votes to maintain McEvoy’s severance (4-30-12)

CBS Denver: Some in Colorado Springs upset over Memorial hospital CEO’s severance (4-29-12)

Gazette: Stop the $1 million city employee gift (4-27-12) 

Gazette: McEvoy to get Toyota Camry, help finding a new job (4-27-12)

CSBJ: McEvoy’s severance could equal $1.15 million (4-27-12)

Gazette: Councilwoman ‘upset’ with $1M severance for McEvoy (4-26-12)

Denver Business Journal: CEO of Memorial Health System stepping down (4-26-12)

Gazette: Outgoing Memorial CEO could get $1M in severance (4-26-12)

CSBJ: Memorial CEO McEvoy steps down (4-25-12)

Indy: CEO Larry McEvoy will leave Memorial (4-25-12)

Gazette: Memorial CEO McEvoy leaving hospital (4-25-12)

CSBJ: Moody’s downgrades Memorial outlook (4-12-12)

Gazette: Memorial board decides against retention bonuses (3-21-12)

Gazette: TOWN HALL: No to golden parachutes for Memorial execs (poll) (3-19-12)

Gazette: Memorial aims to build region’s first pediatric operating room (3-16-12)

Indy: Noted: Memorial trustees could pay execs to stay (3-15-12)

Gazette: Council members oppose Memorial board proposal for retention bonuses (3-14-12)

Gazette: Memorial board weighing retention bonuses for execs (3-13-12)

Gazette: Our View: Council should reclaim Memorial Health System (poll) (3-13-12)

CSBJ: Memorial paints rosier financial picture (3-12-12)

Gazette: Feb. 29 or March 1? Babies don’t know the difference (3-1-12)

CSBJ: Memorial responds to council member’s criticisms (2-27-12)

Gazette: Memorial board chair responds to council criticism (2-27-12)

Indy: Lots to talk about (2-24-12)

 Gazette: Calling for investigations always sounds good (2-22-12)

Gazette: Councilman calls for Memorial investigation, leadership to be put on leave (2-21-12)

CSBJ: Leigh, Memorial exchange barbs (2-20-12)

Gazette: Councilman sickened by Memorial rumors(2-20-12)

CSBJ: Memorial keeps credit rating, receives negative outlook (2-14-12)

Gazette: City hires law firm to assist Memorial negotiations (2-8-12)

Indy: Melcher hires help with Memorial issue (2-8-12)

KOAA: Strands of hope (2-6-12)

CSBJ: UCH eyes challenges Memorial will pose. (2-3-12)

Gazette: University of Colorado Hospital completes deal with Poudre Valley Health System (1-31-12)

CSBJ: UCH, PVHS finalize joint partnership (1-31-12)

CSBJ: Bach weighs in on Memorial negotiations (1-27-12)

Gazette: Mayor offers input on Memorial lease (1-26-12)

Indy: Bach dictates Memorial terms (1-26-12)

Indy: Federal court sides with Memorial heart surgeon (1-19-12)

Gazette: City assembles plan for Memorial negotiations (1-13-12)

Indy: Hurry up and wait (1-12-12) Colorado Springs council approves PVHS bid for Memorial Hospital (1-11-12)

KRDO: Springs City Council OKs UCH Bid For Memorial (1-11-12)

Northern Colorado Business Report: Colorado Springs voters to weigh in on hospital bid (1-11-12) AUXILIOS’s Signs Five Year, $5 Million Managed Print Services Agreement with Memorial Health System in Colorado Springs, CO (1-11-12)

CSBJ: Memorial’s future now up to negotiators (1-10-12)

Gazette: Council looks set to lease Memorial hospital (1-9-12)

KRDO: Hospitals Adopt Memorial’s Child Abuse Prevention Program; Crying Baby Program Spreads To Other Hospitals (1-08-12)

Gazette: GUEST COLUMN -Partnership with University of Colorado Hospital a win for region (1-07-12)

 Gazette: Children’s Hospital Colorado would be partner in Memorial lease (1-07-12)

Gazette: University of Colorado Hospital offers partnership, model for Memorial (1-07-12)

Gazette: Memorial surgeons are first in state to perform heart procedure (12-30-11)

Gazette: Could Memorial’s future be decided in April (12-29-11)

Gazette Editorial: We need a level 1 trauma center (12-29-11)

CSBJ:  Weaver’s Practice is to look after patients and colleagues (12-22-11)

Indy: Memorial’s road to health (12-22-11)

CSBJ: HealthOne ‘disappointed,’ maintains Memorial interest (12-19-11)

Indy: Memorial pick: University of Colorado (12-19-11)

Gazette: Memorial task force chooses University Hospital bid (12-19-11)

CSBJ: University of Colorado Hospital gets task force nod (12-19-11)

CSBJ: UCH wins votes of non-voting task force members (12-16-11)

Indy: University of Colorado most favored to run Memorial (12-16-11)

Gazette: University Hospital bid unanimous choice of advisory members of Memorial task force (12-16-11)

Indy: One or two? We’ll know tomorrow (12-15-11)

Indy: Memorial: Health makes wealth City Sage (12-15-11)

Indy: Your Turn: Triage for Memorial, ‘Amending the RFP’ vs. ‘Clinching the Deal’ (12-15-11)

Gazette: Memorial task force ready to lay its cards on the table (12-14-11)

Gazette: Local voices speak up for Memorial bidders (12-14-11)

Gazette: Memorial still in the red, but gaining ground (12-13-11)

Gazette: Donations needed to help local families, children (12-12-11)

Gazette: Lamborn urges council to make TriCare issue in Memorial decision (12-12-11)

Gazette: Group seeks to fill medical records’ communication gap (12-10-11)

Gazette: University of Colorado Hospital leads early Memorial bidding (12-9-11)

Gazette:  Memorial–How we got here, where we’re going (12-9-11)

Gazette: AG says use of Memorial lease proceeds would be reviewed (12-8-11)

Gazette:  Memorial bidders take proposals to the public (12-7-11)

CSBJ:  New Memorial lease could drive up health care costs (12-7-11)

Gazette Editorial: One Memorial bid stands out (12-6-11)

Gazette: Public gets chance to quiz Memorial bidders (12-6-11)

Gazette: Memorial bidders make their pitch for city hospital (12-2-11)

CSBJ: Centura–No medical arms race (12-2-11)

CSBJ: University of Colorado promises medical campus (12-2-11)

CSBJ:  HealthOne draws on large system as basis of proposal (12-2-11)

CSBJ:  Memorial–System ‘of the community, by the community, for the community’ (12-2-11)

CSBJ: Exempla first up for task force questions (12-2-11)

Denver Post: Five competing bids for Colorado Springs Memorial Hospital (12-1-11)

CSBJ:  City releases bids for Memorial (12-1-11)

Gazette: Bids for Memorial now public, online (12-1-11) 

Indy: Reasons for Memorial Hope (guest column) (12-1-11)

CSBJ:  Memorial, Penrose Breast Centers receive accreditation(11-30-11)

Gazette:  Reenlistment is all in the family (11-25-11)

Gazette: Only councilmembers will vote on Memorial recommendation(11-22-11)

 Gazette: Memorial task force begins scoring bids (11-18-11)

CSBJ: Memorial opponents square off as bids reviewed (11-18-11)

CSBJ: Two public hearings set for Memorial’s bids (11-17-11)

Gazette: HCA-HealthONe offers $500 million upfront for Memorial lease (11-15-11)

Gazette: Memorial lease attracts wide interest (11-14-11)

Gazette: AFA and Memorial surgeons team up to treat traumas (11-14-11)

Gazette:  Memorial bidders have three weeks to state case (10-20-11)

Gazette: Editorial regarding Task Force process (10-19-11)

Gazette: HCA questions RFP process transparency (10-18-11)

Gazette: Centura, Banner, University of Colorado plan to bid (10-11-11)

Gazette: MHS task force nears finish line in bidding process (10-7-11)

Fort Collins Coloradoan: PVHS and University seek partnership (10-7-11) 

Northern Colorado Business Report: Banner’s Plan to Bid on Memorial (10-7-11)

Gazette: University and Poudre Valley’s pitch to partner with Memorial (10-6-11)

Gazette: article on Memorial Task Force and bidding process (9-30-11)